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Scorekeeping, especially for a recreational baseball game, is both fun and simple.

1. Home Team Responsibilities - The team designated as 'HOME TEAM' must provide the official scorekeeper and will have the following duties:

A. Keep the official score (in accordance with the Rules of Baseball, Section 13.00) on the GameChanger App in a tablet provided by EYB or in the scorebook designated as the EYB official scorebook if tablet is not available.

B. The official scorekeeper must sit in the scorekeeper's booth provided by the league so that each of the opposing managers will have equal ease of access for submitting lineups and confirming changes in same; checking the score as the game progresses; to be able to easily confer with the umpires, as to runs scored, count on the batter, etc.

C. Complete the scoring of each game by filling out the totals, i.e., runs, hits, errors, pitchers and innings pitched for each of the teams in the game. Write the final score and circle at the top of the home team's page.

D. Return the tablet or the official scorebook in the place designated by the league following each game.

Tutorial Video on how to use GameChanger

2. Visiting Team Responsibilities - On fields that have electronic scoreboards, the visiting team will provide a scoreboard operator. The scoreboard operator will return the score box to the BOD after the last game of the day on that particular field.

3. Additional Scorekeepers - Each of the teams playing in the game may have their own scorekeeper but will not be considered the official scorekeeper.

4. Scorekeeper Responsibilities - All scorekeepers in the score booth will comply with Pony rule not influence the game by cheering for or coaching any player, pointing out infractions, with the exceptions noted in 4a below, unless asked by umpires or managers. Managers are responsible to bring any infractions to the umpire's attention, at which time, the scorekeeper may be asked by the umpire(s) to verify that the infraction did indeed occur. PENALTY: Game may be recorded as a protest by the manager of the team that committed the infraction. Scorekeeper shall start the clock on iPad when the umpire calls "Play Ball".

Scorekeepers will point out the following infractions, to the umpires and managers, without the game being subject to protest:

A. Pitch count when it is reached as defined for each Division.

B. Game has reached the time of no new inning or suspended hard stop.

C. The maximum run limit per inning has been reached.

D. Last batter in Divisions where applicable.

5. Manager Responsibilities - Both home and visiting managers shall report all changes of their team's line up to the official scorekeeper before the start of each inning.

Game Changer Live Streaming Instructions

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